Dear colleagues, it is our great pleasure to start this educational and scientific cooperation initiated by Prof. Jan Brunkwall, Germany and Prof. Sharkawy, Egypt. The intention of this course is to offer interested vascular surgeon in the Middle East, Africa and Gulf area an introduction into the field of aortic grafting, or an upgrade of pre-existing skills in that field. With rapidly developing the technical equipment and interventional tools and the indications in endovascular interventions enormously evolving, we designed the course to address comprehensively the requirements for the new era of aortic grafting in treatment of aortic aneurysm. A rational mixture of theoretical lectures, case demonstrations, practical hands-on lessons and written and oral examinations will provide you a special support for your endovascular interventional work in the future. We are happy to invite you to join our training program for this week, starting in Cairo and continuing in Cologne this year. The training is officially accredited with CME equivalent points by German authorities, taking place at Cairo University and Cologne University. We very welcome you,  The aim of the cooperation is to train and enhance the physician´s aortic endografting knowledge & technical skills and to make as a pre-requisite for the aortic grafting practice in Egypt. And it is the same training program for vascular surgeons practicing aortic endovascular intervention in Germany - Cologne University. Following series of meetings and discussions . The two parties agreed to have a joint venture between vascular surgery units on the following basis
This course is a scientific and educational cooperation project between : 1) University Hospital Cologne , Germany, Department of Vascular Surgery, represented by the director and chairman Prof. Dr. Brunkwall, Faculty of Medicine, University of Cologne, Germany. and 2) Dr. Mohamed Sharkawy , Professor of Vascular Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt.   The candidates will pass in three phases : Basic endovascular workshop ( Cairo workshop ): The curriculum will be 7 full days to be presented by Prof. Mohamed Sharkawy and the course board, with 10 lectures and 5 demonstration sessions (the topics agreed and the presentation to the curriculum with Professor Sharkawy & Professor Brunkwall). Online interactive assessment will follow Cairo workshop for all attendees. Technical training: Candidates who passed the basic course assessment will be requested to actively attend minimum 15 cases of peripheral endovascular intervention & three cases of aortic grafting (through at least 45 days to 6 months) to be presented with personal interpretation & comments to the Cologne University board staff. Advanced aortic grafting endovascular workshop ( Cologne workshop ): The curriculum is agreed between the two parties. Workshop will be 12 full days to be presented by Prof. Brunkwall and the course board, with lectures, simulator training and interactive live cases sessions (the topics agreed and the presentations to the curriculum with Prof. Brunkwall  & Prof. Sharkawy). Assessment will follow Cologne workshop for all attendees. The candidate who passed and fulfilled the requirement will be certified to perform aortic endografting interventions. The certificate will be issued from University Hospital - Cologne, Germany.