The aim of the cooperation, Is to train and enhance the physician’s endovascular interventional knowledge & technical skills and might be used as a pre-requisite for the endovascular practice in Africa, Middle East and Gulf Area. And it’s the same training program for vascular surgeons practicing the peripheral endovascular intervention in Germany - Kiel University. Following series of meetings and discussions. The two parties agreed to have this joint venture to promote and legalize the professional & Academic practice of Peripheral Endovascular intervention in that area:
Application Criteria

Inclusions criteria of candidates

  1. Candidate should be a member of university hospital or teaching hospital or a hospital with a dedicated vascular unit

  1. Candidate should hold a MD degree of vascular surgery or an MD degree of general surgery with a vascular thesis from an university hospital

  1. Candidate should have had a recognized certificate of attendance to an organized training and passed examination by a recognized evaluation system from an accredited center of peripheral endovascular intervention

  1. A completed log book containing efficient endovascular interventions approved by the board of the certificate

  1. Candidate should be registered as vascular consultant and member at the medical syndicate