Course Examination
The first part examination will be held in Cairo at the last day of the course. The second part examination will be held in Cologne Universty. The attending physicians will have to present ten cases of peripheral endovascular interventions, that he/she has performed himself/herself between part one and two of the endovascular practice optimization course.
Examination of the First Part (CAIRO) :

The examination of the 1st part (CAIRO) will be held on the last day of the course

This will include:

90 MCQ questions to be answered in 90 minutes.

It will be held through the internet by user name and password for each candidate. This password can allow him to react to the questions only through 90 minutes from being logged in.

The exam will be corrected and a consequent curve of result is put to select the Candidates who pass the 1st part examination (success is >60% of the attended questions ) Four candidates who achieve the highest score will be allowed to attend the 2nd part with their thesis at the vascular surgery department in Cologne university, a title of thesis from course faculty members will be delivered through email in 24 hours.

This thesis needs to include at least 10 cases, that will be done or assisted by him, supervised by one of the senior invited faculty members in Egypt.

This thesis will be presented by the candidate to Cologne vascular surgery board members (candidate will answer ten questions) during presentation the thesis at Cologne University

Failed candidates will receive only certificate of attendance of the first part training program

Examination of the Second Part (COLOGNE) :

  1. Written exams conducted by the German and Egyptian Faculty encompassing all endovascular and open vascular curriculum

  2. MCQ problem solving cases clinically oriented

  3. Oral exam and case solving and decision making and including x rays , CT angiograms , MRA, Duplex assessment and clinical scenario discussion and decision taking and preoperative and intraoperative and postoperative decision making

Candidates who pass the final examinations will receive a certificate of acceptance of their presented thesis, attendance of the second part training program and success of the final evaluation exam

Failed candidates will receive certificate of attendance of training course only